Poem: Lift Me

Oh Angel, Lift me, Remove me from my body, And lighten my load.   Burn my thoughts away, I do not have much use for them, Let me feel a light joy, And no heavy sadness.   “No,” said the Angel, “You would get altitude sickness, If you were to come up here.” “You must … Continue reading Poem: Lift Me

The Mother and Baby Homes: Preventing the Past from becoming the Future

Last Tuesday, like many people across Ireland, I was shocked to read an article detailing the findings of the report of the Commission of Investigation into the Mother and Baby Homes. The Irish Examiner published an article summarising the findings of the report, which I will include a link to at the bottom of this … Continue reading The Mother and Baby Homes: Preventing the Past from becoming the Future

Poem: Somebody

Somebody give me solvent, So I can heal my wounds. Somebody give me armour, So I can no longer be hurt. Somebody give me wings, So I can fly away. Somebody give me love, So I won’t be unloved. Somebody give me new memories, So I won’t remember you. For today’s post I decided to … Continue reading Poem: Somebody

Poem: Peace

The orange man walked in, The media watched on, The rich succeeded, The poor suffered. The children were taken, The walls were built, The people waved their flags, The children were lost. The sickness came, The world locked down, The economy suffered, The poor died. The guilty killed the innocent, The people cried out, The … Continue reading Poem: Peace


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