Poem: Peace

The orange man walked in,
The media watched on,
The rich succeeded,
The poor suffered.

The children were taken,
The walls were built,
The people waved their flags,
The children were lost.

The sickness came,
The world locked down,
The economy suffered,
The poor died.

The guilty killed the innocent,
The people cried out,
The tear gas was spread,
The guilty were called innocent.

A healer came in,
The orange man fought,
The people spoke,
And the healer won.

Now, there is peace.

I was going to write a long and probably boring article about my feelings towards the US election. I decided to write this poem instead. In case it isn’t abundantly clear from any of my previous posts, I am a total liberal when it comes to politics. I will never forget the sadness I felt in 2016 when Trump won. I was so sad that I wrote a poem called the Orange Lunatic. There are people who say that American politics shouldn’t matter to an Irish person. This of course is total rubbish. When people are suffering it doesn’t matter what country you are in, you should make it your business to at least understand what is happening.

The past week has been a bit strange. I had it so stuck in my head that polls don’t matter, that if Trump won in 2016, he could easily win in 2020, to the point where I don’t think I have fully processed Biden’s victory. What I feel now is a sort pleasant peacefulness. It will take more than just Biden being elected president to fix America, but I know that things can only get better. My favourite comedian, John Mulaney, has a stand up routine where he describes Trump as a “horse loose in a hospital.” Right now I feel glad that animal control has finally arrived and will be removing that horse.

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