Five Things I Look Forward To When This Is All Over

As I am sure everyone is sick of hearing, we are living in uncertain times right now and no one is too sure what is happening from one day to the next. I, for one, am fed up of life being so all over the place and having to constantly consider what is happening due to the Coronavirus, so I decided to compile a list of five things I am looking forward to when this pandemic is somehow over.

No. 5: Going to Dundrum

As someone who has lived near Dublin all my life, Saturdays or Sundays spent in Dundrum Town Centre were at least a monthly occurrence for me. There is something wonderfully familiar about all the shops and restaurants. I have always been a material girl and I do consider shopping to be a great hobby. I am not ashamed to admit that Dundrum feels like a second home to me. Due to the obvious, I haven’t been to that second home since the 1st of February and it is definitely one of those ‘normal’ things that I have missed.

No. 4: Making Plans

Probably one of the most frustrating things about this pandemic has been how restrictions change from one day to the next. Before the start of it all, I had plenty of plans, plans which have gone almost completely out of the window. My mum and I both had big birthdays during the pandemic which were inevitably cancelled. It feels as if the second I try to plan for anything, another restriction comes in.

No. 3: Going to the pub

This probably seems like a silly one, but that big birthday I mentioned was my eighteenth, it was a few weeks ago when pubs had reopened, however as I had older family members we decided it would be best to stay at home. Of course this doesn’t mean that I was completely sober on my eighteenth either; however, I would loved to have had the opportunity to safely go into a pub and buy my first drink. I feel like I missed out on a rite of passage.

No. 2: Not wearing those awful masks

Since I have started going to school again, I will admit, I have lost the urge to completely tear those horrible cloths away from my face, but they do still drive me insane. Between my ears hurting from the handles, my nose rubbing from the wire and having to spend ages adjusting it simply so my glasses don’t fog up, I hate those things with a horrible passion. They are the most annoying inconvenience ever. I can’t wait for the day where I can show off my lipstick again and not wear those horrible little face coverings.

No. 1: Seeing my siblings

I haven’t really spoken on my blog about this before and I am going to be careful with what I say to protect other people’s privacy, but I do have half-siblings who live with my Dad. I haven’t seen them in ages and I was hoping to see them over half term, obviously this isn’t going to happen now and it kind of breaks my heart. Like everyone, there is a million-and-reasons why I hate this pandemic, this is easily my number one reason.

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