Starting Sixth Year: Four Things I want from this Year

As I am writing this, I am in the midst of my first week of Sixth Year. I am tired, my feet hurt and I wondering how I am going to manage until June. Somehow, with enough blood, sweat and tears, I think I might manage it. There are many things I want from the year ahead so I decided to write them in a list and share them in this blog.

No. 4: To learn how to study properly

As I have alluded to in a previous post, for years I have struggled with studying. I often feel as if I have never been taught how to study effectively. I managed somehow to complete my Junior Cert with very little study, however with the pressure of Leaving Cert something tells me that this method won’t work a second time. Over the course of the year, I want to try and study a little bit every day and work out what methods suit me best.

No. 3: To gain more independence

As I get closer and closer to adulthood, I find that gaining more independence is important for me. Something I have started doing to achieve this goal is walking home from school. It can be very tiring but it is a perfect way for me to get exercise and also practise being more responsible. I am also responsible for researching and looking into which college I want to attend next year. At times becoming more independent can be frightening but it also excites me.

No. 2: To do well in the Leaving Cert

My second-last entry might be the most obvious. Like nearly all Sixth Year students one of my biggest goals is to do well in my Leaving Cert. I don’t necessarily need to get something in the region 600 points, but I have decided I will be happy to settle at around 400. This means at least I will have some choices of college course.

No. 1: To make some memories

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Sixth Year means a lot to me this is the first school I’ve been to all the way up. After three different primary schools, it is so lovely to be able to share happy memories with my peers. I don’t want to look back on Sixth Year as a stressful year full of study and exams and nothing else. I want to take part in fun activities, try new things so I can look back on my experience in Sixth Year and smile.

That’s my list. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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