Poem: Letting Me Let Go

Thank you for the morning walks,
Thank you for the sun and sea,
Thank you for thrilling, cooling swims,
Thank you for the sun-soaked evenings.

Thank you for all the laughter,
Thank you for all the tears,
Thank you for all the comfort,
Thank you for all the joyful years.

Thank you for being my special place,
Thank you for being my hideaway,
Thank you for letting me let go,
And thank you most for all the memories.

During the little break I took from this blog last week, I visited my family’s holiday home. In the past, I used to spend most of my summers down there. It is a really beautiful and happy place. However last summer, I found I no longer got the same enjoyment from the place that I did when I was younger. This year, I avoided it almost entirely until the August Bank Holiday. When I did visit it, I felt removed from it all and somewhat sad that I wasn’t enjoying myself enough. That evening, I decided to take a walk around some of my favourite places. I listened to my favourite music and I started saying goodbye. It was painful as I felt like I had volunteered to let go of such a wonderful part of my childhood.

However I have realised there is a time when the memories you have are enough, you don’t need to make any more. I have accepted that moving on from that happy place does not mean I am not allowed to remember it fondly. I wrote this poem that night I had that walk. I left it for my granny to read. That caravan for many years was our special place and I wanted to leave her with a poem to say thank you for all the happy times and as a promise that I would never forget our special place.

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