Poem: The Summer

As I look outside my window,
At the cold and miserable winter,
I can’t but think,
Of my wonderful summer place,
Where the days are long,
And the sun is a beautiful gold.

On days when the sun is brightest,
I skip down to the sea,
That is bluer than the bluest sapphire,
The water surrounds me, making me shiver,
As I prance and dance about,
I couldn’t be happier.

At night as I try and get some sleep,
I can still feel the waves,
As they gently lift me up and down,
And I smile to myself and calmy fall asleep.

But alas summer must end,
For nothing good lasts forever,
As I am left looking outside my window,
Summer is nothing but a dream.

I know it will feel like a long time,
But summer will come again,
Until then I am lucky to have my dream,
That dream will last me until winter's end.

*I wrote this poem a few years ago during a bad winter. It reflects on the happiness I feel during this time of year and that I must remind myself to hold onto to it even on the most miserable winter days.

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