Soft Food and Paracetamol

I am writing this article on Sunday afternoon. Normally my Monday articles are written just before they are published. I usually spend Monday mornings wondering what on earth am I going to write about. It being Sunday, I am even more out sorts. So I have decided to write a ‘cheap and cheerful’ article about upcoming events.

The reason why I am writing this article on a Sunday is because on Monday I am venturing up into the wild jungle that is Dublin City for the first time since way before the lockdown. I am doing this to visit the orthodontist and suffer the pain of getting my braces tightened.

I got my braces put in last September on my top teeth. This was after getting two back teeth taken out the day before the start of Fifth Year. It was so painful and lots of ice-water and paracetamol were involved. Getting the top braces on were in-hindsight not-so-bad. The first tightening was quite painful, yet nothing could have prepared me for getting the bottom braces on in March, the Saturday before the start of the lockdown.

The pain when I got the bottom braces was excrutiating and it took much longer to go away. I have also had to get used to my teeth sitting differently since the braces kind of get in the way. I also have to floss them every night which is slowly driving me insane.

Easily the worst thing about having braces is eating. Do you know you still have to chew with your teeth when you have braces on them? Of course I knew that but I wasn’t prepared for the challenge it would be. Some of my favourite sweets are Refreshers or Drumsticks or basically any ‘chewy’ sweet; I really love them but, of course for fear of them getting caught and sticking in my teeth, I have had to give Refreshers a miss. I also can’t enjoy any drink other than water if I don’t drink it with a straw. Sometimes this really doesn’t matter, sometimes it can be a real pain.

When I get my braces tightened the pain makes eating unbearable. As I explained in a previous article I am really particular with food, I don’t like soups. This means that my diet for this week will mostly consist of pasta, ice-cream or any food that I can swallow without chewing. This doesn’t sound too bad, but it is easy to forget how much flavour comes from food when you chew it. Either way my intake of paracetamol will be abnormally high this week.

I am sorry that it sounds like I am complaining about First World Problems. I am so lucky to have braces to give me straight teeth, I have already seen a massive improvement. My orthodontist is also really friendly and nice. However with so much time to think these past few weeks, complaining has only become an even greater hobby of mine.

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