Poem: I Am Going To Fall Asleep Now

I am going to fall asleep now, I am not sure when I shall wake, I will have so much to do, My list will be long, Yet I know what I will get up to.

I will walk with my friend, Into a supermarket, There won’t be a queue, We will get what we need, We won’t have to make do.

We will then travel on the train, Sitting amongst strangers, We will go to the big city, And I will remark to my friend, How it is all wonderfully pretty.

We will wander around freely, In and out of shops, Like young people would, We will celebrate and enjoy, Like young people should.

How I look forward to it all, When my rest has finished, I will do all this and more, When I have woken, I crave it “in my deep heart’s core.”

* I wrote this poem a few weeks ago about my wanting to escape the Coronavirus lockdown. I finish the poem by quoting one my favourite poems written by W.B Yeats, The Lake Isle of Innisfree. I have always associated that poem with a deep sense of longing to escape, something I feel many of us have experienced the past few months. Now that the lockdown is beginning to end, I thought it would it be a nice time to share it on this blog.

One thought on “Poem: I Am Going To Fall Asleep Now

  1. Very woke : well judged record of the nascent zeitgeist – differently familiar and, in this moment, impossible and inadvisable to call it. Nailed it Rebecca 🙂

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